Why exercise when you can Nancercize?

Good question!

The truth is, you don’t need fancy gym equipment and you don’t need a lot of time. You don’t even need to be wearing workout clothes. All you need is a park bench and an open mind.

That’s the basic premise of Nancercize, an innovative and practical fitness system and philosophy that takes you outdoors and restores a feeling of play and naturalness to your workouts.

Nancercize is a creative way to get stronger and more flexible, to improve your balance and coordination, and to have lots of fun while doing it. The exercises are based on tried-and-true calisthenics, yoga, martial arts, dance—and even some new moves –all adapted for the ordinary bench. The bench does it all—it makes them safer, easier (or more challenging, if that’s what you need) while giving you a “home base” outdoors.

Nancercize grew out of Nancy Bruning’s popular outdoor fitness programs. As one of her students said after a class, “Why exercise when you can Nancercize?” The name stuck and today Nancercize is the system of choice to solve the most common fitness dilemmas. For example:

A lot of people say they don’t like exercise—but what they REALLY don’t like is exercising in a gym. Nancercize brings a breath of fresh air, natural light, and a sense of freedom into your life.

Not enough time to exercise? When you Nancerize, you don’t spend time getting to and from the gym, and you can even skip the sweating and change of clothing. And Nancercize is the ultimate in healthy multitasking—bring a friend, partner, or family member with you and you don’t need to decide between your health and your social life.

Are you nature deprived? Exercising in nature and sunlight is relaxing, restores and energizes you physically and mentally, and even might help prevent many diseases, Nancercize is never boring—when you combine the 101 exercises plus variations in the book alone (and more to be found on this web site) with the ever-changingness of the outdoors and the seasons, you never repeat the same experience twice. Walking and running are great—but let’s spice them up a little with Nancercize!

Enrich your fitness experience and your life. Nancercize offers the opportunity to give your fitness efforts more meaning and influence beyond yourself—become a Nancercize leader in your community or workplace and share the happiness of better health.

The Nancercize Philosophy

The outdoor world is our natural health club.

The Nancercize Mission

The Nancercize mission is to shift the entire focus of exercise away from personal performance and boring repetitive exercises in a gym to varied challenges, teamwork, camaraderie, and genuine fun in nature and on a park bench. We want to be able to exercise in a way that is healthy for our bodies, minds, souls, pocketbooks, and planet.

We want to expand the definition of fitness and put this within the reach of everyone.

The Nancercize Credo

As Nancercizers, we strive to work by the following credo every day:

  • To experience and host the most enjoyable park workouts on the planet
  • To be innovative, creative and efficient
  • To take our exercise, not ourselves, seriously
  • To deliver on our promises
  • To connect with nature
  • To continually challenge our boundaries and learn from our failures
  • To be socially responsible
  • To help other people we care about to discover the joys of outdoor exercise