Nancercize: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench

If the title of my book makes you smile, that’s a good thing.

And here’s another reason to smile: Nancercize helps you get instant relief from “fitness guilt.”

We know we “should” be getting more exercise, and then feel guilty that we don’t. With Nancercize, you actually want to move around more because, along with the pleasure of moving your body, you’re enjoying the extra good feelings and benefits of being outdoors. C’mon, admit it—you’d love an excuse to get up and get out — to escape into nature, the opposite of what you usually do all day!

And while you’re walking around, enjoying your change of scenery and air, why not add a few push ups to tone your arms, some tummy toners, a stretch to get the kinks out of your neck and shoulders? Nancercize helps you spice up your walk or run with moves that involve your whole body. Walking or running are a good place to start, but for optimum health, we need more variety of movement. In this book, I show you how, and where, and why.

After nearly decade as a personal trainer and group exercise leader, and a recovering “gym rat” who was dangerously close to exercise burnout, I have seen the light—the natural light . . . and the trees, and the grass, and the birds, and the fresher air of the great outdoors. Moving my clients and my own workouts outdoors changed everything. And now, I want to share that fresh insight and joy with you.

Whatever has gotten in your way of living a more active life, Nancercize has the solution.

It’s the perfect antidote to boring workouts that feel too much like “work” and too little like “play.”

If you like company while exercising, Nancercize gives you the tools to get busy with a buddy or a group of friends, with your co-workers, or with your family.

If cost is an issue, how much lower cost can you get exercising for free in a park near your home or work?

If you just don’t like the gym (and I’ve found that many people think they don’t like exercise—when what they don’t like is exercising at the gym). When you get fit the Nancercize way, you need no special scary expensive equipment or exercise clothes.

Nancercize gives you a way of breaking free of old ways of thinking about fitness. If you don’t have time to get to the gym, just open the door and walk over to the nearest park and give your mind, body, and soul a treat. Whether it’s a five-minute stretch break or a one-hour exercise extravaganza, there’s a park bench nearby, waiting for you. (And if not, it’s easy enough to buy your own bench and place it in your backyard, patio, or terrace.)

Finally, here’s way that most people can actually get their big and little doses of physical activity—without joining a gym.

Just open my book . . .

. . . and tap into a unique system of over 100 exercises and stretches that use only a park bench as your “exercise equipment.” In Nancercize!: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench,” I combine the most advanced science with down-to-earth practicality for today’s living. You’ll find new and tried-and true exercises, each with innovative variations that provide something for everyone—whether you’re a bench potato or elite athlete.

Think of Nancercize as a civilized version of boot camp without getting your hands—or anything else–dirty! And think of the book as the next best thing to my being right there next to you, guiding you every step of the way.

In the book, I explain:

  • What Nancercize can do for you.
  • Why outdoor exercise is the cure for “nature deficit disorder.”
  • How to get started.
  • The best way to lose weight with Nancercize.
  • How to deal with hot and cold days.
  • How to adapt Nancercize to the indoors—be that home, workplace or hotel.
  • How to find and choose the best location for Nancercize.
  • How to identify the best exercises for you.
  • How to be a role model and leader—be part of the change!
  • The best ways to find other people to Nancercize with and how to form your own group.
  • Why “green exercise” is good for the environment.

Then you’ll find clear instructions for the Nancercizes, each illustrated with step-by-step photos and including tips for using the right form and position, so they are safe and effective. Plus, you get extra tips for taking each exercise up a notch or toning it down—whatever you need at your level of fitness. I have arranged the exercises in chapters that show you how to:

  • Become more flexible and graceful.
  • Tone your legs, hips, and butt.
  • Improve the strength and shape of your arms and shoulders.
  • Strengthen your abdomen and lower while improving your posture.
  • Boost your endurance.
  • Enhance your agility and balance.

Finally, I tell you how to put it all together into the kind of workout you look forward to instead of dread. Nancercizes can be put together in an infinite number of combinations. So it’s never boring. I explain how to design your own programs and provide you with 36 sample workouts to start you on your way. You’ll find something for every occasion: from a full hour of fitness moves to 5 minute breaks, from high intensity energizers to relaxing interludes — and everything in between.

As NYC Commissioner of Parks & Recreation, Adrian Benepe says in his introduction to the book:

“While millions of us have the good sense to occasionally sit on a park bench, breathe in the tree-purified air, and enjoy ourselves, Nancy now takes it to a new and unexpected level. She reminds us that it doesn’t take a fancy gym or special clothes or even a warrior’s state of mind to get healthy—and happy . . . It’s as easy as a stroll in the park with a stop at your favorite park bench.”

Nancercize!: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench . . . Don’t go out without it.

Available soon at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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