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Since I’m in the frigid, slippery northeast and many of my readers are too, it seems brilliant to do write a blog post about an indoor alternative to my usual outdoor exercise class.

Whether you’re a regular Nancercizer or not, I’ll bet you can use a little break now and then. Go on, get up out of your chair and do this 10-minute series of gentle movements designed to get your blood moving to re-energize your mind and body. Feels great before or after a work out — or at any time!

We’re all short on time and even if we manage to squeeze a workout into our overloaded days, warm ups and cool downs tend to get short shrift. After all, they don’t feel like they’re doing much. “Can’t we just get on with it?” And “”I’m done, gotta go!” In reality, taking the time to warm up and cool down will help you make sure that your workouts are a pleasure, not a pain!