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You might not equate museums with physical activity, but the Museum of the City of New York is taking steps to change that. Get discounted tickets to film screening, and a lively conversation about running in the city.

Is the heat keeping you sitting indoors? No need here are 8 simple ways to work smarter to keep going without wilting. Hint: one will make you giggle.

Have you ever noticed how, every once in awhile, two or three things happen in a row that add up to make you go “Aha!”? Here’s how to be part of a little miracle.


I’d rather notice the seasons changing and feel connected to my environment—even in the winter, even if it’s only for an hour…

Woman walking on trail in forest

According to the National Wildlife Federation, being active in nature is good for us on every level physically, mentally, and emotionally, for both children and adults…

The more people I talk to and work with, the more sure I am that outdoor exercise is the solution to so many fitness dilemmas.

Much as I love the idea of outdoor exercise all year round, hot weather can pose some challenges.


I’m not overly fond of very cold weather—and thank goodness it’s almost spring. But you know how the weather is: unpredictable to say the least.