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Join us on June 9th, Green Gym Day, the first worldwide day of play for everyone. Green Gym Day is the day you’ve been waiting for–an excuse to get outdoors and play. Once you experience how good it feels to be active outdoors, you might make everyday Green Gym Day. My partners and I are using social media to promote the day and get more people outdoors, for the sheer pleasure of it. We’re inviting everyone to share their activities on the day with everyone else who takes part, via photos and video clips, which will be used to create a video montage of the day. 

We all pretty much know that being active is good for our health. But how many know that our surroundings can make a big difference too? In a previous post, I asked whether we are genetically programmed to love nature. If we are, it makes a lot of sense to do more things outdoors–from exercising […]

What’s the most important reason to be physically active? To feel great, right? Whether it’s the endorphin rush from aerobic conditioning, or the sense of power and strength from resistance exercises, or the relaxation and freedom of movement from flexibility exercises, it’s all about feeling good.


I’d rather notice the seasons changing and feel connected to my environment—even in the winter, even if it’s only for an hour…


Moving our bodies is good for us on every level—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Woman walking on trail in forest

According to the National Wildlife Federation, being active in nature is good for us on every level physically, mentally, and emotionally, for both children and adults…