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This year, our UK partner Kate Hill, founder of FunMeFit, is expanding the idea of Green Gym Day by one week. how? They are celebrating American Sports! It’s the first sports day of its kind in the city, if not the country. This is just what we want to happen. Join the movement to make every day a “green gym day” by going outside to play. Play is for everyone!

I’m super excited to have been invited back to BBox Radio, interviewed by Maxine Margo Rubin on her Many Shades of Green radio show. Hope you will be able to have a listen. Maxine puts me on the spot to come up with ten Nancercizes right then and there! Our interview will air this Wednesday, May 15th, at 2PM, and again on Thursday, 9:30am, Sunday 8 am, and Monday 10:30am.

If you’re at all concerned about the environment, consider the impact your exercise choices might have. In this interview recorded in DUMBO for BBox Radio, Maxine Margo Rubin asks me some intriguing questions about how Nancercize connects the Green Movement with the Fitness Movement. Your individual acts can add up. Also covered: drinking beer Brooklyn […]