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Spring is an especially poetic time of year for nature. Here are some quotes from Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Margaret Atwood, Rachel Carson and others. What’s your favorite nature quote?

Going for cancer treatment can be a tough time in a person’s life. If you choose to undergo traditional cancer treatment, fortunately there are additional things you can do for yourself that will improve your life and health. One major component to help you feel better is to exercise more regularly. Regular exercise has several benefits that you may or may not know about.

You could say that all of South Beach is an outdoor gym. But there are a couple of places that make it even easier and more fun to Nancercize. Read about bars and Barstarzz, amoeba-shaped benches, an “adult playground,” and turtle-safe lights.

We can find inspiration, motivation, and delight in the most unlikely places, like these Dancing Traffic Cops, from Providence, R.I., New York City, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Samoa.

Could your holiday use a little perking up? A little moment where you feel the original spirit of Joy, Love, and Peace? Where you feel close to your family—however you define it—and gratitude for all that you already have? This year, how about we take some time to spend a few minutes with self-proclaimed “bad dancer,” Matt Harding, who quit his job to travel (and dance with people) across the globe. A friend sent this to me today, and it made me feel soooo good. I wanted to pass it on to you.

Frankenstorm Sandy gave east coast Nancercizers a chance to “exercise” our resilience to life’s surprises and find ways to move our bodies outside the park. All of this is totally in keeping with the philosophy of Nancercize—get outdoors and use whatever you find out there! Here’s how to use curbs, scaffolding, street wall, and steps as your exercise equipment so you don’t lose your momentum.

Whether you live in or are visiting the Bay Area, you’ll think about parks in a whole new way. I’ve just begun the national tour to promote “Nancercize: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench,” and I couldn’t have found a more perfect place to begin than the Bay Area. Join me as I explore a surprisingly large lake near downtown Oakland, a soothing pond in Marin, and a gorgeous reservoir park in Lafayette. There’s never no place to be active.

In an earlier post I summarized the points in an interview of me for, an organization of professionals dedicated to helping us stay a healthy weight. During the interview, I said I believed that we need to make fitness more “democratic” –of the people, by the people, and for the people. In other words: […]

The same way wild horses are meant to run and eagles are meant to fly, humans are meant to move naturally and get amazingly fit in the process. MovNat is also a school of movement efficiency, and in that sense it is comparable to a physical education system. It is complete, fun, and challenging. Meet Erwan Le Corre, the “father” of MovNat.

Whether we feel the effects of age or of an injury, we need to keep going and be creative about it. How are you handling aging or an injury? Or, how have you in the past?