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This year, our UK partner Kate Hill, founder of FunMeFit, is expanding the idea of Green Gym Day by one week. how? They are celebrating American Sports! It’s the first sports day of its kind in the city, if not the country. This is just what we want to happen. Join the movement to make every day a “green gym day” by going outside to play. Play is for everyone!

What are you doing for this year’s Green Gym Day? The second annual Green Gym Day is only 2 weeks away!
Green Gym Day Is a Day for Everyone to Get Outside and Play. In NYC, we”ll be hiking through 5 beautiful northern Manhattan cliff parks (wait till you see the views!) Here’s the schedule….

Valentine’s Day or everyday, you might have candy on your mind. But there are all kinds of candy. In my world, exercise makes us feel so good, and it’s as much of a pleasure and reward as candy. Even better–it’s a gift that goes on giving, even after you’re done.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Martin Luther King

Which emotion do you most equate with physical activity—love or hate? Think about it. As I write this, it’s Martin Luther King Day, and although we don’t automatically think of him when we think of fitness, I find his wonderful quote quite inspiring in every aspect of life, including fitness. Let me explain.

Since I’m in the frigid, slippery northeast and many of my readers are too, it seems brilliant to do write a blog post about an indoor alternative to my usual outdoor exercise class.

Fitness is easy! In fact it’s as easy as A-B-C. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the folks below. If you squint a little, and cut us some slack, we’re sending holiday greetings while getting a little fun exercise. A-B-C Action: don’t just sit there–do something! Beauty: it’s all good! Creativity: […]

According to the American Council on Exercise, the average American ​takes in 3000 cal​ories​ at the typical Thanksgiving dinner. Some of us ​vacuum up even more… Kind of a disaster when you consider 2000 calories a day is all that most of us need. That’s a lot of turkey trotting to stay in balance and […]

I’m sure you don’t want to miss a thing! If you have been receiving my blog posts via a Gmail account, you may have noticed by now that Gmail has reorganized itself so now Nancercize Outdoor Fitness emails will show up in your promotions tab, meaning you might miss them. To prevent this, please drag me over to the “Primary” tab now so you don’t miss important outdoor fitness newsletters like the one I’m working on now!! Hint: it will be about what I saw and did in Paris. Oh-la-lah!

Who knew? Watermelon and Tomato are a great combination. Try this recipe for a salad and a smoothie to cool you down and take the wilt out of summer.

Is the heat keeping you sitting indoors? No need here are 8 simple ways to work smarter to keep going without wilting. Hint: one will make you giggle.