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Who’s going to be giving a Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Vermont this fall? If you guessed me, you guessed right. Vermonters will be learning how to be a Nancercize instructor right in their own parks. Open to everyone interested, including parks staff, health care professionals, nonprofit leaders, and regular folks.

Are you a little too busy right now? Maybe you haven’t gotten all your gift buying done yet? But, you really want to show people that you care. You want to buy locally, or at least buy something made in America, something that doesn’t hurt the health of the recipient or the health of the planet. Are you feeling more of a time crunch than usual? Maybe you’re having more trouble than usual getting the exercise you KNOW you need? You want to keep those winter pounds from creeping up, to tame the stress monster, and just plain have fun, don’t you?

Have you noticed that gift giving has gotten a little harder this year? But hey, here’s how in one stroke you can show people that you care, support the US economy, minimize damage to the environment —AND take care of yourself without spending a bundle!

As in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the Portland area I eschewed the obvious for off-the-beaten path solutions to my fitness needs: a small urban park that nods to its earlier incarnation as a wetland, a small town park, and a college campus open to the public. You’re never stuck when you know how to Nancercize.

It’s here! “Nancercize: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench,” the book. Complete instructions for how to do 101 exercises and variations – all on a park bench! 36 workouts so you’ll never run out of ideas or be bored. why exercise when you can Nancercize?

If you’re at all concerned about the environment, consider the impact your exercise choices might have. In this interview recorded in DUMBO for BBox Radio, Maxine Margo Rubin asks me some intriguing questions about how Nancercize connects the Green Movement with the Fitness Movement. Your individual acts can add up. Also covered: drinking beer Brooklyn […]