Nancy Bruning is living the dream—but it took an AHA moment. She was already a breast cancer survivor and author of over 25 books on health and fitness when she realized she was not following her own advice. There she sat, alone at her computer, hour after hour, with a bowl of Hershey’s kisses keeping her awake and happy. She had a health club membership she didn’t use regularly. She was not taking advantage of her neighborhood parks. She decided to combine her love of writing with exercise and stay actively engaged with others by becoming a certified personal trainer and earning a master’s degree in Public Health.

Today Nancercize offers outdoor exercise classes for groups and individual clients in New York City parks and recreation areas and in other parts of the US. One of her popular weight management programs offers an entire lifestyle makeover. She also trains others to be outdoor fitness leaders and helps communities turn their parks into green gyms via her “fitness mapping” system. For an example of her fitness maps, visit the Fort Tryon Park Trust.