Over the big pond on a small island called Britain, there’s a city in England called Sheffield. On Sunday 15th June 2014, this city will play host to the first ever American Sports Day in celebration of international Green Gym Day.

As the happiest city in England and the greenest city in Europe with over 2 million trees and 83 parks of all shapes and sizes, Sheffield is the perfect location to promote the Green Gym Day movement with an event to draw attention from around the world.

The American Sports Day falls a week after Green Gym Day but will strongly emphasise the importance of getting the community together to enjoy the beautiful outdoor space that the city has to offer and the need for people to be active in nature.

“Sports teams and families from across the city will congregate in a celebration of community and local parks. These sports teams won’t be the more popular and well-known Football, Rugby or Cricket clubs– the typically British sports, but will showcase associated ‘American’ sports including American Football, Baseball and Lacrosse. The first sports day of its kind in the city, if not the country. Very few inhabitants of Sheffield will have ever watched these sports, let alone tried them,” says Kate Hill, Founder of FunMeFit, community organiser and Sheffield mother of two.

It seems that American Sports are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, particularly in the universities. Sheffield’s own American Football Club – Sheffield Predators alongside one of the first academies, Leeds Academy of American Football will be coming along to support the day and run sessions for people of all ages who want to give the sport a go. The local baseball and lacrosse teams will also be in attendance to showcase their sport and encourage visitors to ‘give-it-a-go.’

“Stannington Park in the semi-rural suburb of Stannington, Sheffield is not well-known for its events aside from the annual Stannington Carnival so this sports day should really shake things up for the community and for the city alike,” adds Kate.

“Outdoor fun and exercise is not so common here in the UK. We are often consumed by the comforts of the gym instead of being out, connecting with nature and the people within our community. It’ll be great to see who gets involved and who goes forward to enjoy a more active lifestyle with a non-mainstream sport.”

The community American Sports Day is also being held to raise money for the local charity, Jack and Jill Pre-School in Stannington. It is hoped that with the funds, new sports equipment can be purchased for the children at the nursery to use.

For more information about the event, go to Green Gym Day’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/GreenGymDay or find the event on FunMeFit: www.funmefit.com/groups/stannington-american-sports-day-2014/

Contact Kate Hill: info@funmefit.com for more information. www.funmefit.com

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