Valentine’s Day or everyday, you might have candy on your mind. But there are all kinds of candy.

Who says exercising is a chore and a bore? It's a sweet treat!

Who says exercising is a chore and a bore? It’s a sweet treat!

Exercise and moving around in general is good for us, we know. In fact, it’s so effective at preventing and managing illness, there’s a group called “Exercise as Medicine.”

Their hearts are in the right place.

But I wonder if this idea really attracts us to exercise?

In my world, exercise makes us feel so good, it’s as much of a pleasure and reward as candy. And, it’s a gift to yourself that goes on giving, even after you’re done.

So, that’s my Valentine’s Day gift to you. The idea of exercise as a treat–as something you GET to do as a welcome change from the sitting, sitting, sitting of modern life, as opposed to something you SHOULD do to stay healthy.

It’s not too late to gift someone the sweet little book, “Nancercize: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench.” Isn’t the cover romantic?

And check out my new video, “Nancercize is Like Candy”.

Nancercize is like candy.

Find out how Nancercize is like candy.

One Response to “Is Exercise Like Medicine–or Candy?”

  1. Aww, that sounds familiar! “Get to” vs. “Have to” — yay!!!

    (mmm, now I have to eat some candy…)


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