"I can't wait to get outside again!"


Since I’m in the frigid, slippery northeast and many of my readers are too, it seems brilliant to do write a blog post about an indoor alternative to my usual outdoor exercise class.

Indoor Workout

You can do this all at once or spread it out throughout the day to help counteract the bad effects of sitting for ours on end. (Your end!) Try getting up every 30 minutes or hour. Do one of these stretches or exercises. Add some stair climbing if you have stairs.

Aim for a total of 20-30 minutes of activity at least. You’ll burn between 200-300 calories, minimize the harmful effects of sitting frozen for hours and hours, and still have a lunch hour to waste on the web.

Start out with this simple warm up; if you’re pressed for time, the warm up by itself is a neat little fitness break.

1. Side Stretch

Then, move into with this delicious side-stretch, resting your hand on a chair, countertop table, or wall. Hold for about three long inhales and exhales. Both sides, now!

2. Yoga Warrior

Then go for this balancing exercise, starting out by steadying yourself on a chair, table, or counter, etc. Eventually, let go and see how long you can hold it on your own. Aim for one minute; then change legs.

3. Pumping Air

Next, work your core muscles and legs with the pilates-based exercise. Keep one or both legs raised at a right angle, and pump your arms up and down for total count of 100. Change legs midway if you’re elevating one leg at a time.

4. Dips

Dips are a classic equipment-free way to strengthen and beautify your upper body.

Dips are a classic equipment-free way to strengthen and beautify your upper body.

Get that upper body happening with simple dips on a chair. Place your hands hip width apart, bend and straighten your elbows. You can have your legs bent, or go for the gusto with legs straight.

Tip: This simple indoor workout is a great way to stay in shape while traveling too!

4 Responses to “The Cure for Cabin Fever”

  1. Great exercises, Nancy.

    I’d like to add one tip and suggest one additional exercise:
    TIP: If you don’t have a sofa or chair that feels solid and comfortable for the arm pumps (the Pilates-based exercise), try doing it on your bed with several pillows stashed behind you for support; works for me.
    ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION: I love the dips but afterwards I feel as though I want to do something for the muscles in the front of my arms (don’t know the correct muscle term), so I turned facing the chair and with hands supporting myself did what amounts to modified pushups in that position; felt great!


  2. Thank you for this! Perhaps it will motivate my slug-like self to do something!


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