Traveling is no obstacle to feeling energetic and relaxed. I’ve been walking the talk during my travels in Europe this summer. Here’s a quick guide to my strategy–so easy even a child can do it! In fact, every age and fitness level can play along. The basic plan: visit one park each day. Here are 5 tips to help that happen easily.

I’m going to keep it short because I am using a French keyboard and lots of letters are in different places.

Here’s my method for visiting a park a day:

1. Do a bit of research beforehand, either via internet or via a traditional guidebook. I found one on Secret Parks and Gardens in Paris, for example. I read through and found parks that interested me.

2. Do more on the ground research while you are there … I asked my family and friends about their favorite parks. This worked out particularly well in Holland, the first country I visited. But as of this writing, I’ve been in Paris for two days and have been to more than one park both days.

3. Be open to happenstance. While walking to the River Seine on my first day in Paris, I stumbled upon a fascinating neighborhood park in Chinatown that was in no guidebook. I’m proud to be a flaneur.

4. Don’t hesitate to re-visit a park; a park’s character changes from day to day depending on who tends to use it at the time. It might be full of children one day and quiet as a church the next.

5. Be creative! Walking or jogging in a park is always a good thing, but in some of the pqrks I visited I let myself be inspired by the park’s features or history. For example, in a war menorial park, I practiced my warrior pose (#91 in “Nancerize: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench”) out of respect for the brave soldiers who lost their lives. And of course Tree Pose (#92) happened a lot!

I’ll be posting again with some additional tips, but right now, another Parisian park is calling me … hey, what are your favorite parks?

4 Responses to “Your Best Vacation Ever Strategy: Visit a Park a Day”

  1. Sounds like a good time. Enjoy!


  2. I spent 14 weeks in a wheelchair a few years back. When I was injured all I could do was watch the scenery. I found 52 parks within an hour of NYC—and those were just the nice ones with water or a view. I visited every green place I could find on Google maps.


    • Mike, thanks for your comment. Sorry about your wheelchair experience, but such things can be eye-openers. They have been for me!


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