Love the outdoors? It loves you, too.

Love the outdoors? It loves you, too.

I’m super excited to have been invited back to BBox Radio, interviewed by Maxine Margo Rubin on her Many Shades of Green radio show. Hope you will be able to have a listen. Our interview will air this Wednesday, May 15th, at 2PM.

To listen, visit and click “Listen.”

The show will re-stream: Thursday, 9:30am, Sunday 8 am, and Monday 10:30am.

The show will be a great break for you–Maxine puts me on the spot to come up with ten Nancercizes right then and there! So follow along and feel relaxed and energized to get you through the rest of the day.

And find out about “ecopsychology”–can being in nature improve psychotherapy? Can it help lift your mood all by itself?

The archive should be up soon thereafter on the BBOX Radio page:

Happy listening!

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