Join Green Gym Day and Feel Great!

Green Gym Day is the day you’ve been waiting for–an excuse to get outdoors and play.
Once you experience how good it feels to be active outdoors, you might make everyday Green Gym Day.

Green Gym Day is worldwide

Green Gym Day is worldwide

What Is Green Gym Day?
I’ve partnered with Kate Hill of FunMeFit, a UK community network encouraging physical activity ( And Ariel Hidalgo, a graduate student at Sarah Lawrence College is interning with me. We are using social media to promote the day and get more people outdoors, for the sheer pleasure of it. We’re inviting everyone to share their activities on the day with everyone else who takes part, via photos and video clips, which will be used to create a video montage of the day. 

My partner Kate Hill of FunMeFit

My partner Kate Hill of FunMeFit thinking about how much fun we’ll be having on Green Gym Day.

Why do we need a Green Gym Day?
As a fitness professional, I’ve heard so many people say that they don’t like being out of shape–but they don’t like to exercise either. What so many people really don’t like is the workouts offered by indoor gyms. Does this sound like you? Or does it sound like someone you know–someone you care about? Do you feel pulled in too many directions?–You need “me time” but you also want to spend the time with your friends and family? Or maybe cost is a major issue.


Give Green Gym Day a try: promise yourself that on June 9th you’ll take a half hour (or more) to get out to a local park or other green space. Take a friend or family member along. Just enjoy what the great green outdoors has to offer you physically, mentally and emotionally! 

No matter what your age or background, you can move your body outdoors for fun, exercise, family time and relaxation. Do your own thing, or find free or low-cost activities on your local or state park website. Invite a couch or screen potato out for a walk in the park, a game of tag, or frisbee. Who knows?–you might like it!–Your companion might like it! — and even do it again. See? Fitness problem solved–for free!

Get out and move your body on Green Gym Day

Running or walking–it doesn’t matter on Green Gym Day. Just get out there and move your body around!

So, join the international movement:
• Register for free on 
• Share your ideas and images on facebook

If you’re in NYC, join me and my buddies on June 9th in Fort Tryon Park where I’ll be coordinating free outdoor yoga and Tai Chi classes, a Nancercize class, ping-pong games, Zombie tag and more. Registration starts at 9 AM at the Heather Garden entrance to the park (near the 190th Street (“A” train station). Email me at for more information, and see our Green Gym Day website or my “101 Things to Do on a Park Bench” book or video for more ideas you can use.

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