We all pretty much know that being active is good for our health.
But how many know that our surroundings can make a big difference too? In a previous post, I asked whether we are genetically programmed to love nature. If we are, it makes a lot of sense to do more things outdoors–from exercising to picnicking to walking business meetings. The following books have nothing to do with physical activity per se–but they do tell us why it’s important to be in nature, whether we’re doing push ups or not. Don’t you want to please ALL your senses?

We are intrinsically attracted to nature. Do yourself a favor and spend more time outdoors.

We are intrinsically attracted to nature. Do yourself a favor and spend more time outdoors.

I will be improving this post periodically with additional books. Please feel free to suggest others as you come across them.
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Biophile magazine. Web site: http://biophile.co.za/

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  1. Wow! Thanks for all the great resources, Nancy.


    • Glad you find them useful, Kathy. Take a look again every now and then–I will be adding to this from time to time–like today! Please feel free to suggest any others you come across.


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