Tony Lepore the dancing cop

Tony Lepore the dancing cop shows us how it’s done.

I should really title this post, “101 Things to Do in an Intersection.” I happened to be listening to the radio and caught a delightful interview with Tony Lepore, the Dancing Traffic Cop of Providence, RI.

It brought up fond memories of my most recent visit to Italy, where I noticed a traffic cop signaling drivers in what seemed to be a uniquely Italian way, with gestures that were so cool, I’d never seen them before. But, they were rather subtle…

… you can’t say the same for Tony! He’s out there!

Traffic Cop Providence

Apparently, Tony’s not alone… traffic cops all over the world have found a way to make their jobs more enjoyable for themselves and for others.

For example, here’s a dancing traffic cop in NYC—hooray for the gals!

And here’s a dancing traffic cop in Nigeria:

And the Philippines:

And last but not least, Samoa:

Can you see it? My next book: “101 Things You Can Do in an Intersection.”

So, what are your creative ways to add more activity to your job and everyday life?

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