Unplug and get moving.

Unplug and get moving. Together.

Uh-oh…. Here they come.. the HOLIDAYS and you know what that means. Food, Food. Food. And very little fitness activity. Here’s some tips how to not just survive, but thrive throughout the holiday season.

Remember, this is a time to celebrate and enjoy yourself, but not to the point of “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” Small portions and meals spaced out from each other, rather than a day-long munch fest–make the food taste better, too. Honest. The same goes for activity—small bursts of activity work just fine and may be more practical.

1. Don’t leave home hungry.
Yes, you’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating: take the edge off with a healthy snack such as a handful (not a truckful) of unsalted nuts, a little yogurt, a slice of roast beef, a small apple. Something with protein, al little fat, and some fiber.

2. Watch out for those drinks. Even non-alcoholic beverages can add up—it’s so easy to “drink your calories” –-try for plain soda water with maybe a splash of fruit juice or wine. Water in a fancy glass tinkling with ice cubes, in between “real” drinks, works well, and keeps you hydrated, helping to fill you up and avoid false hunger pangs.

3. Once is enough. Yes, those long leisurely 9-course meals will be there. But, really, do you need to eat everything? And twice? Or, holey moley, even three times? Nope. Have one serving and enjoy every bite. Then, you’re done. Push yourself away from the table and…

4. Get moving. Counteract those extra calories that are bound to sneak into your mouth despite all your good intentions. Just get up and take a walk, feel the crunchy leaves under your feet. Smell the fresh air. Look around and take in the real world. Unplug for just a few minutes. You’ll like it!

5. You can take it with you. If you’re traveling, search out the best outdoor places for activity. Ask around, people will tell you their favorite spots. If you stay in a hotel, the concierge will be glad to help you. If you’re in NYC, take one of my classes. If you’re in Portland OR, or The San Francisco Bay Area, check out my recommendations here and here.

6. Remember how good it feels to move. Give yourself the gift of that good feeling everyday, several times a day. Especially after a meal, a walk is far better than slinking down, eyes glued to a screen. Add some Nancercizes to keep things interesting. And don’t forget to invite your friends, family, and co-workers.

Now, go ahead, enjoy the gobble… without the waddle.

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